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Beat Offer: erialeduab

Name to call you by: erialeduab
Best way to contact you: dwightyoumonkeyslut.tumblr.com, erialeduab28 at gmail dot com
Types of fanworks you are willing to beta: fic, vid
Genres/styles you will beta: anything not in the next list.
Genres/styles you will NOT beta: RPF, mpreg
Relationships you will beta: anything not in the next list. I love Scott/Allison/Isaac and any combination thereof, Jackson/Derek, Malia/Kira, Cora/Kira, Lydia/Stiles, Danny/Jackson, the list goes on.
Relationships you will NOT beta: peter/anyone and gerard/anyone. sterek (not a hard rule so much as a preference).
Content you will NOT beta: Rape/Incest/Non-con/extreme underage - stories that glorify abuse, gratuitous violence, Mary/Gary Sues (unless it’s satire/parody)
Length of works you will beta: any, but please tell me in advance if it's going to be a long fic.
What you focus on when you beta: I am honest and will give constructive criticism. Developing realistic characters and storylines. Canon stories. I’m also good with grammar and sentence structures. If English is your second or third language, I can definitely help in improving your general language.
Sometimes we need a beta who won't hold any punches. Are you willing to be tough and break a work apart if asked, (yes/no): yes
Other languages you'd be able to beta in: Hindi, and for plot/general beta-reading, Simplified Chinese
How long a medium sized work typically takes you:one to two days depending on my IRL workload.
Any additional information: : I am familiar with many fandoms (Whedonverse,Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc.) so I would be able to help with crossovers. If you want to set the story abroad/have characters from different countries/ethnicities I can help with that too. I’m familiar with both American and British English (spellings, idioms, etc.)

Beta Request: 2 stories, both on going

Title or Description: Moon's Pull
Genre: action, drama,Crossover/Fusion
Relationships/Characters: Female Stiles
Length or word count: Currently ~2,000
Type of beta you'd like: (SPaG, plot, Ameripick, flow, anatomy, color scheme, rhythm, canon checking) All of the above, plus a person to bounce Ideas off of
Language (if other than English):English
Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles is a Descendant of Will and Elizabeth from PotC. Their family is still connected to TIa Dalma/Calypso, servering her and the seas, Pirates at heart.

Title or Description: Depths of the Shadows Around Us
Genre: action, drama, Psychopomp AU
Relationships/Characters: mentions Stiles/OMC/OFC, Possibly Stiles/Derek in the future
Length or word count: ~9,000
Type of beta you'd like: (SPaG, plot, Ameripick, flow, anatomy, color scheme, rhythm, canon checking) All of the Above
Language (if other than English): English
Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles has a secret from the Pack; one only Scott and his Dad know of. He and his Mom, well they weren't just close because he was a 'momma's boy' as Jackson used to call him.
He and his Mom had always been a lot closer to Death than they ever had been to life, then again a person usually is when your three times Great-Grandmother was Death itself.
They're a Myth among myths, beings who've always stuck to the darkest of shadows.
Now, he's being pulled out into some of the lighter ones by the Pack and he's not exactly looking forward to the repercussions from it.

Beta request (multiple fics)

My previously fics posted un'beta'd on AO3. I just started writing TW and my muse is pushing for more ;) Right now I tend toward rare pairings: Peter/Scott, Jackson/Stiles, gen, Dean (SPN)/Derek - I'd like a beta who's open to various pairings and or gen. I also have bunnies to cross TW with BtVS, SGA, and SOA

The piece I'm writing now!

Title or Description:
ATM it's untitled
Genre: action, humor, drama, fluff, kink, PWP, etc
porn?/crossover with Supernatural
Dean/Derek, (Sam, Chris Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Parrish, Stiles, Scott)
Length or word count:
2k (still writing but finished it'll be under 5k)
Type of beta you'd like: (SPaG, plot, Ameripick, flow, anatomy, color scheme, rhythm, canon checking)
All, but especially SPaG plot/flow & possibly plotting beyond.
Short summary, preview, or details: A sorta basic porn ABO, true mates kind of thing. Arriving in BH to help an old friend and hunter of their dads, Argent, Dean an alpha catches the scent of an omega, but not just any omega, but his omega. This initally was only suppose to be a few short snippets for a prompt box challenge - however between time running out (due at the end of last month) with le muse dangling porn. Point is I am still writing it. I have an end scene in my head, but there is a possibly of writing more in this - OR in a couple of my other Teen Wolf pieces - link above goes to my AO3

If interested in this one or any all of the others- please lmk here or PM privately - thank you in advance =)

Saying I need a beta is an understatement

Title: Always an Alpha
Genre: Horror/Crime/Adventure
Pairings/characters: Peter/Lydia
Type of beta you'd like: SPag but with an emphasis on making awkward sentences better
Length, or word count: 240k+

Short Summary: A lot of murders are happening in Beacon Hill and it turns out that one of them can only be stopped by Lydia but she needs Peter's help to do so ...

Oh well, started this after 3A ended written a shit load for it, but I had like a dozen betas for it and they all left. Most them anyway just pointed out cosmetic stuff - now after having to take a break out of frustration, real life issues, I tried to read myself into it and there are so many awkward sentences ...

I'd really like someone who loves to be nitpicky go over my sentences and make me do better. Or else I fear I need forever just to fix what I already wrote (mostly because I put in new mistakes :P).

You don't need to be fast, I can wait for you to go through a chapter, I just really need some help and if this takes a year or two that is still better than me on my own never finishing.

Story is outlined and I dare say at least 65 Percent finished. So if you liked the show up until 3A, don't mind a slow built of the main pairing, some minor Allison/Isaac, later on some soft Derek and Stiles bonding more moments, Chris getting some action and a few OCs - you might even like it.
Title or Description: Burnt Heart
Genre: Dresden Files AU/ Urban Fantasy/ Action/ Drama
Relationships/Characters: Sterek Pre-Slash
Length or word count: I'm still writing the last chapter, but it will be about 50000 in total.
Type of beta you'd like: I'm not a native speaker, and this is the first time I write a novel in English from the start instead of translating from Chinese, which is my mother-tongue. I'll need help with SPaG, Ameripick, speech, and just English in general. Some sentences that make sense to me might actually be nonesense to others, and my writing tends to be really bland. This story will need some pretty extensive rewriting.
Those are already a lot of work, but I'd really appreciate feedbacks about the story and the characterization as well. Although this is a Dresden Files AU, you don't really need to be familiar with the books. In fact, it's fine if you haven't read any. I actually need more help with the Teen Wolf part.
Language (if other than English): English
Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles was bored. There was a body in the woods. Scott suddenly had a tattoo he didn't get. They bumped into Derek Hale in the preserve. That's about how it started. Stiles's life was never the same after that.
Other notes:
This is only the first part of the series I have been planning. It'd be great if I can find someone willing to stick around with me till the end, but it's not a requirement. And I've already posted the first nine chapters on AO3, because I didn't know how to find beta readers. I'm willing to make drastic changes to the story though. I've actually wanted to change a lot of things.
No deadline. Plus, I'm a pretty slow writer.

Beta found

Mar. 12th, 2015

Title or Description: Undecided
Genre: A/B/O Verse, angst, mpreg.
Relationships/Characters: Derek/Stiles, mentions of Derek and others and Stiles/OC, Sterek endgame.
Type of beta you'd like: Mostly plot, canon checking, and characterization - I tend to forget, sometimes, the details of what I've actually written. I'm also concerned about the plot, I just want a second opinion. Most of it is written
Language (if other than English): N/A
Short summary, preview, or details: Its a 3 (4?) part story. Part One - Derek and Stiles are mates but Derek rejected Stiles and Stiles has to fight Alpha Hale (Talia Hale) to get the bond broken.

Requesting RPS Beta

Title or Description: Title is Under Construction. It's 2020 and Tyler and Dylan are working together again after they parted ways rather bitterly at the end of Teen Wolf.

Genre: Angst, Humour, Romance, very brief violence/action scenes.

Relationships/Characters: Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, as well as very brief Tyler Hoechlin/Original Female Character at this point.

Length or Word Count: At the moment it is almost 11,000 words with no clear end in sight. I don't imagine it will go any higher than 20,000.

Type of beta you would like: Mostly, due to the size of the story, I would just love someone to read what I have so far and give me their opinion on the plot, where it's heading. I'm fairly confident with SPaG etc, but a bit of Ameripicking might be in order considering I am Australian. I have written this pairing a couple of times before but not to this scale, so any and all help is appreciated.

Short summary, preview, or details: In other news, sources suggest Golden Globe winner Dylan O’Brien and his ex-Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin will be once again joining forces for a new film by Johnathan Wall. Details of the production are sketchy, though we wonder whether the suspected fall out between O’Brien and Hoechlin some five years ago will be the main attraction for viewers ...

Other notes: The rating of this fic will hover somewhere around mature, though may possibly flirt with explicit. Also, as much as I would like this story finished in the next few weeks there's a good chance, knowing me, it won't be. So if you have time constraints and the like please don't hesitate to message anyway, it's all just for fun and I'd like to share it with others :) Thanks so much!

Beta Request

Title or Description: [Working Title] Late Night Skittles Texts

Genre: Romance, primairly fluff (with references to angst, but very very minor.)

Relationships/Characters: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky (aka Sciles, aka Skittles)
Derek Hale and Melissa McCall have made minor appearences.

Length or word count: Short to medium

Type of beta you'd like: I need someone to check for OOCness. And I'm stuck on where this is going, so chatting about plot would be nice. I've also stopped watching TW around season 2 (school took over). So canon-checking would be a big bonus, but I'm pretty good at that myself, so it's not required.

Language (if other than English): Just English. (Passing references to Spanish, but not a problem)

Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles used to text Scott weird, stream-of-consiousness texts. He has since stopped, and looks like shit. Scott wants him to start again, so he starts to text Stiles.

Other Notes: No deadline, no rush.
Title or Description: Not sure yet
Genre: humour, fluff, drama (nothing more graphic than kissing)
Relationships/Characters: Sterek, Ensemble Cast
Length or word count: approx 10k
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG (minimal - English is my first language, I just have a tendency to swtich tenses sometimes) and flow checks
Language (if other than English): NA
Short summary, preview, or details: Written for the Sterek Secret Santa exchange - I'm in bit of a time crunch - I need this baby posted by the 22nd December. The prompts used were: scheming/matchmaking friends and being stuck in a room for a long time. I'm not going for a PWP but it's not like there's any major plot either, it's just fluff and cliched rom-com stuff, feel good stuff. Just any help would be appreciated - my regular beta's having some personal problems and I can't ask this of her. I'm on my knees, please.  

Title/Description: Futuristic/Sci-fic/Fantasy Genre, rebellion, overthrowing government sorta plot.

Genre: Alternate Universe - Futuristic/Post Apocolyptic.
Relationships/Characters: Scott/Derek, but only PG-13 (Possibly Other minor pairings)
Length or word count: Minimum 15000
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, characterizations, speech styles, feedback in general. I want someone who would be willing to work with me as I write. Because this is for the long haul (approx two months), and if I screw up horribly somewhere in the middle I would like to know all about it sooner, than later. Also, I am really serious about this plot/story and it would help if the beta were as well.
Language (if other than English): Nope.
Short summary, preview, or details: It's a story set in the far future. It will contain soft science fiction, where there are two sects of people. Pro-singularity and anti-singularity. Scott's going to be in one side and Derek the other. There willl rebellion, fighting, hacking and a lot of mind nubbing technology.