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Pre-reader/Cheerleader needed


I could do with a pre-reader/cheerleader for my rare pair fic? Its teen wolf, and a rare pair (its anon so can only tell you more over a message). It’s 2.5k now, and I’m guestimating it’ll end up between 5-8k.

Semi-graphic descriptions of violence, some canon compliance.

I'll also need a beta at somepoint, but at the moment need someone to reassure me my ideas aren't awful/tell me if they are so I can get it right :)

Beta Request: Mating_Games Entries

Title or Description: There are four different fics that are currently untitled.
Genre: All are generally pwp with some humor and/or drama

Cora Solo featuring Derek/Readers Choice

Length or word count: All four fics are 1k words or less.
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG and flow.
Short summary, preview, or details:

1 Mate!fic with scenting (M)
1 Mate!fic with coerced marriage and sex pollen tropes (E)
1 Age Reversal AU (M)
1 Auditory Voyuerism fic with incestuous overtones (E)

If there is anything else you need to know please let me know.
As always looking for a beta (or just anyone who might be able to look over roughly 7k every two week at least for SpaG) for Always an Alpha, a very longish, plotty story mainly focusing on Pydia and some rather large problems from the Nemeton ritual (it is Season 3A AU).

Details for Always an AlphaCollapse )

Finished stories that I still would like to get beta readCollapse )

As always I'd be really grateful for help, I notice a temporary improvement whenever I have a beta who points out even a moderate amount of stuff, but I'm usually on my own again, so it doesn't go anyway as I keep being stuck reading my old stuff and you just soak in your old mistakes again.

I don't mind polite little help, especially if that gets my SpaG in order. I never fault anyone for being super shy and feeling uncomfortable with saying too much, I'll do my best as a writer to make you feel welcome to say stuff and point out my failures. I'm just grateful for the help, I really am.

HOWEVER, if you're a vicious editor who loves leaving gdocs in the virtual equivalent of a page full of red ink, I'm your girl. You can't point out too much, I'd be happy to hear were I'm too detailed or need to go into things more. I don't mind being shown a version of sentence that flows better but a 'reword this sentence it sucks' or 'this isn't clear' I just do it and worst ask for clarification if I can't figure out what needs to be done.

Mar. 5th, 2014

Title or Description: Be Afraid of the Old
Genre: angst, character study
Relationships/Characters: Mostly gen, focusing on the relationship between Stiles and his father. There is some discussion of relationships, though, including Sheriff Stilinski/Claudia Stilinski, Melissa McCall/Agent McCall, and Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski
Length or word count: 6,387
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, plot, flow
Short summary, preview, or details:

This fic is an exploration of the Sheriff's alcohol problems, and deals heavily with the subject of Claudia's death. Since the date when I was supposed to post is already technically past, I would be grateful if someone could do a relatively quick read-through of it.

Beta needed

Title or Description: Let me be your Solid Ground
Genre: drama, fluff,
Relationships/Characters: Sterek , Stiles, Derek, Scott, Papa Stilinski
Length or word count: 2700 words
Type of beta you'd like: (SPaG, plot, Ameripick, flow)
Language (if other than English):
Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles decides to stop taking his Adderall and it's harder than he thinks to focus without the drugs

Will be eternally grateful to anyone that can help me with this please!

Beta wanted for Peter/Stiles and sequel

Title: You keep walkin' on the other side
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Pairings/characters: Peter/Stiles
Type of beta you'd like: SpaG
Length, or word count: 33,504 words
Short Summary: People are disappearing in Beacon Hills. With Scott and Allison gone, Stiles feels they are running out of options. Deaton has no answer and so with the help of Lydia and Isaac, they seek out the very last person Stiles ever thought he asked for help

Wrote this for SS and had no time to get this beta-read before but I like to improve upon it and I also like to write sequel (which might get even longer, so if possible and you have interest and don't mind that there will also be a bit of het in the sequel, I'd love to work with you long term)

The sequel will probably be chaptered with alternating POV between Stiles and Lydia.

Apart from Peter and Stiles, there will also be Peter with Lydia, Stiles with Isaac but also Lydia and some multiples between those four.

And I do work with gdocs - it's just perfect for this.

End of March UPDATE: Also have written a sequel with Pydia to this and it hasn't been beta-read but it is shorter.

Neither story has found a beta so far.

Teen wolf/Gossip Girl

Title: Untitled (as of right now)
Genre: Human AU, hurt/comfort, angst, high school setting, coming of age.
Pairings: End Game Stiles/Derek, Isaac/Scott, with mentioned Derek/Isaac, Derek/Jackson and Stiles/Lydia.
Beta Type: Grammar/Style/Content. someone to bounce ideas off of and work on issues with flow, characterization, tense and general readability.
Length: multi- chapter WIP. The story is still in its beginning stages. I have rough outline and the first few chapters written.
Short Summary (tentative): This is a Gossip Girl AU. With Stiles as Dan and Derek as Blair and the other characters.
I was planning on following the plot from GG and have it as a slow-build to Derek/Stiles (Dan/Blair is my otp in GG), But as i was writing it has changed so it's following the plot from the show, but from a derek/stiles (dan/blair) pov.

Looking for a beta

Title or Description: it's for the story I'm writing for the Sterek Big Bang, tentative (and probably final) title is Post Tenebras Lux
Genre: angst, action, some humor
Relationships/Characters: Stiles/Derek with allusions to Scott/Allison/Isaac (it's only mentioned in passing); ensemble cast with a focus on Stiles and Lydia and later Scott; Stiles is the main character of this fic
Length or word count: just under 48k
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, Ameripick, maybe a superficial plot/continuity check because I changed some huge plot points mid-story (I think I got them all in the first rounds of edits I did myself, but it could be that I missed something)
Summary: Stiles is pretty happy when it looks like he and Derek might have a mutual interest in starting a relationship. Only when he shows up at Derek's place the next day, Derek is behaving strangely and there's a random stranger making breakfast in the kitchen. Things only get stranger when Morgan - the stranger - is also at the pack meeting and seems to be getting along with everyone - everyone except Stiles. He's the only one who's even slightly suspicious, and his suspicions turn out to be valid because Derek kicks him out of the pack not two days after Morgan shows up in town. While Stiles races to find out what, exactly, Morgan is doing to his pack (and how to reverse it), he also has to deal with a little pest problem plaguing Beacon Hills as well as his own doubts and insecurities about his place in the pack and in Derek's life.

Other details:
- Morgan is using mind control on the pack. No sexual instances of dub-con or non-con appear in the fic and they aren't alluded to in the text. There is, however, one instance of a mind-controlled Derek attacking Stiles physically as a warning to stay out of the pack.
- There is one description of a panic attack as well as some references to said panic attack after it happened.
- future fic (set in the first few weeks of the pack's first year at college)
- I randomly resurrected Boyd for this fic, although he doesn't really say much or has much importance in this story (if they can kill him for no reason, I can resurrect him for no reason, right?)
- Stiles/Scott BFF-ness
- BAMF!Stiles
- Stiles/Lydia friendship (with several references to Stiles' former crush on her and his continued admiration for Lydia in many ways and forms)
- the Stilinski men hug a lot (but they still have their problems)
- magic!Stiles
- unhelpful and ambiguous Deaton
- the show "Supernatural" is referenced twice by the characters (no spoilers) and I've slipped in a Due South reference. *g*
- some references to vague spoilers of 3B regarding the 'darkness' in the trio's hearts (from before any of the recent trailers were released)

If you're interested, please comment or PM me directly. Alternatively, you can also reach me at seraphina_snape(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk.

(If you want to see a sample of my writing/take a look at my style: writing journal/AO3 account.)

Looking for a beta

Title: Under the Full Moon
Genre: romance, pwp/kink
Pairings/characters: Erica/Isaac
Type of beta you'd like: spelling and grammar,
Length, or word count: 0ver 3,000 and complete
Language (if other than English): English
Short Summary: While at a Halloween party, Erica leads Isaac away to somewhere a little more private.

The fic is for the Teen Wolf Reverse Bang challenge and is due on the fifteen. I hate to give short notice, but I wasn't sure if I was going to have the story done on time.

Beta Offer: MotionalOcean

Name to call you by: motionalocean
Best way to contact you: PM, or gmail (motionalocean)
Types of fanworks you are willing to beta: Fic
Genres/styles you will beta: Pretty much anything. AUs, plot heavy, explicit, character study...
Genres/styles you will NOT beta: RPF.
Relationships you will beta: Preference for Derek/Stiles or Derek/Chris, but I'm flexible on a case-by-case basis.
Relationships you will NOT beta: Peter. Love him as a character, but not in a pairing. As for others, it depends on the content, see below.
Content you will NOT beta: Incest, non-con (dubcon is okay)
Length of works you will beta: Any. I really enjoy longer fics, so that's fine as long as I have enough time or if they're in progress.
What you focus on when you beta: Grammar for sure, plus readability and flow. Internal characterization and consistency if I'm part of the planning process, otherwise I might skip over it and give characters the benefit of the doubt. General feedback on writing style and content (If asked).
Sometimes we need a beta who won't hold any punches. Are you willing to be tough and break a work apart if asked, (yes/no): Yes. I don't want to say that's my default mode, since I am very aware that some authors don't like that and so I hold it in until asked, but I'm happiest when given free rein.
Other languages you'd be able to beta in: English only
How long a medium sized work typically takes you (about 5k words, a complex completed art piece, 3:45 min vid, 25 min recording): Depends on the situation, but I can probably get it back within a day or two if needed.
Any additional information: I love planning stories out, making sure motivations and technicalities work. So if you want help in the planning stages, ask away. I'm also quite happy to simply go over something for SpaG. I work irregular hours sometimes, plus I have outside commitments, so if you need a rapid turnaround, give me a deadline and I will let you know whether it's doable. I am not up-to-date on season 4, but still willing to beta as long as you don't need plot help (I'm not worried about spoilers).

(ETA: pairing and email, lack of s4)