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Beta request (multiple fics)

My previously fics posted un'beta'd on AO3. I just started writing TW and my muse is pushing for more ;) Right now I tend toward rare pairings: Peter/Scott, Jackson/Stiles, gen, Dean (SPN)/Derek - I'd like a beta who's open to various pairings and or gen. I also have bunnies to cross TW with BtVS, SGA, and SOA

The piece I'm writing now!

Title or Description:
ATM it's untitled
Genre: action, humor, drama, fluff, kink, PWP, etc
porn?/crossover with Supernatural
Dean/Derek, (Sam, Chris Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Parrish, Stiles, Scott)
Length or word count:
2k (still writing but finished it'll be under 5k)
Type of beta you'd like: (SPaG, plot, Ameripick, flow, anatomy, color scheme, rhythm, canon checking)
All, but especially SPaG plot/flow & possibly plotting beyond.
Short summary, preview, or details: A sorta basic porn ABO, true mates kind of thing. Arriving in BH to help an old friend and hunter of their dads, Argent, Dean an alpha catches the scent of an omega, but not just any omega, but his omega. This initally was only suppose to be a few short snippets for a prompt box challenge - however between time running out (due at the end of last month) with le muse dangling porn. Point is I am still writing it. I have an end scene in my head, but there is a possibly of writing more in this - OR in a couple of my other Teen Wolf pieces - link above goes to my AO3

If interested in this one or any all of the others- please lmk here or PM privately - thank you in advance =)