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Beat Offer: erialeduab

Name to call you by: erialeduab
Best way to contact you: dwightyoumonkeyslut.tumblr.com, erialeduab28 at gmail dot com
Types of fanworks you are willing to beta: fic, vid
Genres/styles you will beta: anything not in the next list.
Genres/styles you will NOT beta: RPF, mpreg
Relationships you will beta: anything not in the next list. I love Scott/Allison/Isaac and any combination thereof, Jackson/Derek, Malia/Kira, Cora/Kira, Lydia/Stiles, Danny/Jackson, the list goes on.
Relationships you will NOT beta: peter/anyone and gerard/anyone. sterek (not a hard rule so much as a preference).
Content you will NOT beta: Rape/Incest/Non-con/extreme underage - stories that glorify abuse, gratuitous violence, Mary/Gary Sues (unless it’s satire/parody)
Length of works you will beta: any, but please tell me in advance if it's going to be a long fic.
What you focus on when you beta: I am honest and will give constructive criticism. Developing realistic characters and storylines. Canon stories. I’m also good with grammar and sentence structures. If English is your second or third language, I can definitely help in improving your general language.
Sometimes we need a beta who won't hold any punches. Are you willing to be tough and break a work apart if asked, (yes/no): yes
Other languages you'd be able to beta in: Hindi, and for plot/general beta-reading, Simplified Chinese
How long a medium sized work typically takes you:one to two days depending on my IRL workload.
Any additional information: : I am familiar with many fandoms (Whedonverse,Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc.) so I would be able to help with crossovers. If you want to set the story abroad/have characters from different countries/ethnicities I can help with that too. I’m familiar with both American and British English (spellings, idioms, etc.)