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Beta offer: leeyline

Name to call you by: Neon
Best way to contact you: knoxyd (tumblr); ohshuckit (twitter). I don't come to livejournal much so those are better options and you can ask for my email there!
Types of fanworks you are willing to beta: fic
Genres/styles you will beta: Everything, really! Don't have much experience with angst though. Better with AUs, most of all.
Genres/styles you will NOT beta: Mpreg, I just don't really like it. Watersports. RPF.
Relationships you will beta: Sterek, Allydia, Petopher every other pairing and any kind of polyamorous relationship (except Stiles and Derek included)
Relationships you will NOT beta: Stydia, skittles, scerek and liam/mason (ot3s with these 2 included), derek/erica, derek/boyd, derek/isaac (all of these romantically, but otherwise I will beta. Skittles and Stydia are few of my favorite friendships on the show!!), derek/kate, peter/lydia, basically Stiles and Derek with others (as in endgame)
Content you will NOT beta: non-con, abuse disguised as romantic, incest, heavy mpreg, shotacon
Length of works you will beta: any
What you focus on when you beta: grammar most of all, also characterization, plot not confusing
Sometimes we need a beta who won't hold any punches. Are you willing to be tough and break a work apart if asked, (yes/no): yes, i will be completely honest if asked, provided that the author really does want an honest opinion/critique.
Other languages you'd be able to beta in: portuguese, english
How long a medium sized work typically takes you (about 5k words, a complex completed art piece, 3:45 min vid, 25 min recording): it really depends, but 5k words would take me aboooout...2 days, maybe? on school time, a little longer maybe
Any additional information: writers can hit me up for anything really, like if you feel insecure about your work, or if you need an honest opinion, if u need someone to brainstorm with,... I'm up for being a cheerleader!