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Beta Request

Title or Description: [Working Title] Late Night Skittles Texts

Genre: Romance, primairly fluff (with references to angst, but very very minor.)

Relationships/Characters: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky (aka Sciles, aka Skittles)
Derek Hale and Melissa McCall have made minor appearences.

Length or word count: Short to medium

Type of beta you'd like: I need someone to check for OOCness. And I'm stuck on where this is going, so chatting about plot would be nice. I've also stopped watching TW around season 2 (school took over). So canon-checking would be a big bonus, but I'm pretty good at that myself, so it's not required.

Language (if other than English): Just English. (Passing references to Spanish, but not a problem)

Short summary, preview, or details: Stiles used to text Scott weird, stream-of-consiousness texts. He has since stopped, and looks like shit. Scott wants him to start again, so he starts to text Stiles.

Other Notes: No deadline, no rush.