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Requesting RPS Beta

Title or Description: Title is Under Construction. It's 2020 and Tyler and Dylan are working together again after they parted ways rather bitterly at the end of Teen Wolf.

Genre: Angst, Humour, Romance, very brief violence/action scenes.

Relationships/Characters: Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, as well as very brief Tyler Hoechlin/Original Female Character at this point.

Length or Word Count: At the moment it is almost 11,000 words with no clear end in sight. I don't imagine it will go any higher than 20,000.

Type of beta you would like: Mostly, due to the size of the story, I would just love someone to read what I have so far and give me their opinion on the plot, where it's heading. I'm fairly confident with SPaG etc, but a bit of Ameripicking might be in order considering I am Australian. I have written this pairing a couple of times before but not to this scale, so any and all help is appreciated.

Short summary, preview, or details: In other news, sources suggest Golden Globe winner Dylan O’Brien and his ex-Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin will be once again joining forces for a new film by Johnathan Wall. Details of the production are sketchy, though we wonder whether the suspected fall out between O’Brien and Hoechlin some five years ago will be the main attraction for viewers ...

Other notes: The rating of this fic will hover somewhere around mature, though may possibly flirt with explicit. Also, as much as I would like this story finished in the next few weeks there's a good chance, knowing me, it won't be. So if you have time constraints and the like please don't hesitate to message anyway, it's all just for fun and I'd like to share it with others :) Thanks so much!


Feb. 10th, 2015 03:35 am (UTC)
Drop me a PM if you still need a beta. :)