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Saying I need a beta is an understatement

Title: Always an Alpha
Genre: Horror/Crime/Adventure
Pairings/characters: Peter/Lydia
Type of beta you'd like: SPag but with an emphasis on making awkward sentences better
Length, or word count: 240k+

Short Summary: A lot of murders are happening in Beacon Hill and it turns out that one of them can only be stopped by Lydia but she needs Peter's help to do so ...

Oh well, started this after 3A ended written a shit load for it, but I had like a dozen betas for it and they all left. Most them anyway just pointed out cosmetic stuff - now after having to take a break out of frustration, real life issues, I tried to read myself into it and there are so many awkward sentences ...

I'd really like someone who loves to be nitpicky go over my sentences and make me do better. Or else I fear I need forever just to fix what I already wrote (mostly because I put in new mistakes :P).

You don't need to be fast, I can wait for you to go through a chapter, I just really need some help and if this takes a year or two that is still better than me on my own never finishing.

Story is outlined and I dare say at least 65 Percent finished. So if you liked the show up until 3A, don't mind a slow built of the main pairing, some minor Allison/Isaac, later on some soft Derek and Stiles bonding more moments, Chris getting some action and a few OCs - you might even like it.


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Apr. 3rd, 2015 11:19 pm (UTC)
Hey there *waves*

First off: I'm not a native speaker—but I do a lot of beta-reading, I write in English only, and, irl, I'm an English to German translator (fantasy and horror novels), so I daresay my grasp of the English language and language in general is quite okay :o) (If I don't sound like it now, blame it on me partying with me bff before I sat down to comment ^.^)

Due to my esl, I may not always be right on track with punctuation and grammar, but what I know to do well is to edit the heck out of any story. I can be very nitpicky—some might say harsh at times, but never rarely intentionally =D—or just a bit; whatever you prefer. If you need someone to take a look at style, redundancies, flow, narrative or logical issues and so forth … I might be able to help out. (I do catch some grammar stuff, but, sadly, not all of it.)

What I could do is to point out anything from major "issues" to details. (Mostly details. I'm horrible.) I'm not someone to "do the work for you," meaning I won't usually make corrections, but suggestions. As someone who deals with storytelling on a daily basis, it's my passion to get the best out of everything I touch without compromising the writer's style, voice, creativity or beliefs—but, at the same time, I serve the reader. I will fight you concerning technicalities, but never concerning anything that defines you as an artist.


I've seen you ask for betas before, but I never had time to commit to anything. I do now, and I'll have somewhat of a slow summer, so this is the perfect time to raise my hand and say, "Hey, I'd love to take a look, if I may." If I didn't scare you off yet, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe we could do like a few pages of beta'ing and see if we get along with each other?


go over my sentences and make me do better

THIS :o)

Edited at 2015-04-03 11:24 pm (UTC)
Apr. 4th, 2015 06:05 am (UTC)
Hi, well this is a nice email notification to find see after the other terrible e-mail I got in my other inbox today - so thanks for that to begin with :D Yeah, I looked before and then basically let everything slip for what seems an eternity. :(

What I could do is to point out anything from major "issues" to details. (Mostly details. I'm horrible.)

That sounds like my type of beta - no seriously, I never found a beta who actually is horrible or harsh or nitpicky, even if they said make me rewrite everything (which happened briefly on chapter 17, but my friend hated teen wolf and that was the only chapter she did :P) as what seems clear in my head is often less clear to the reader and sometimes not clear at all to anyone.

I got all stories up at gdocs, so if you like I can sent you an invite, my mail is barbayat [at] gmail [dot you know the rest] ;)

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