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Beta offer: Dreaminpng

Name to call you by: dreaminpng (I also go by "Win" or "WK" as the name I use online is "Winchester Kaye" It's a Pacific Rim thing I'm happy to explain in a PM if you're interested)

Best way to contact you: Email or PM is best

Types of fanworks you are willing to beta fic, art, and vids

Genres/styles you will beta: Almost anything! Bring it on! (though for crossovers I prefer to have familiarity with the other fandom, but I won't list them all b/c that would take too long, so we'll deal with it case by case)

Genres/styles you will NOT beta: RPF

Relationships you will beta: Basically all of them

Relationships you will NOT beta: Any incest pairings (may make an exception for dark fic if I like the premise, love me some dark fic)

Content you will NOT beta: Anything where a character under the age of 15 is sexually active (may make an exception for really dark fic if I'm in the mood), Scott being an unrepentant ass or bad friend

Length of works you will beta: Any, though I generally prefer between 1k and 50k.

What you focus on when you beta: For fic, I'm big on readability: typos, poor grammar, overuse of the same descriptors, plot holes, inconsistencies, anything that pulls you out of the fic really. If it makes me go "wait, what?" or have to re-read, I'll comment on that. I'm also a stickler for correct slang - if a fic takes place in America, with American characters, I'll note if UK slang (like "boot" instead of "trunk") is being used, and vice versa. I also really enjoy bouncing ideas off of, so if you're ever stuck, I enjoy chatting to help you tackle the plot point or writing style, or whatever that's giving you trouble. I'm also a stickler for characterization, so if you have a character acting OOC on purpose, it's good to let me know that ahead of time. For artwork I'm big on anatomy and recognizability (even if it's stylized, do you know who the characters are? For vids, I'm big on pacing, timing, transitions, and use of effects. If I think you're over-using a filter or effect, I will let you know.

Sometimes we need a beta who won't hold any punches. Are you willing to be tough and break a work apart if asked, (yes/no): Yes

Other languages you'd be able to beta in: Only English, sorry.

How long a medium sized work typically takes you (about 5k words, a complex completed art piece, 3:45 min vid, 25 min recording): One to three days, depending on what else is going on. If my schedule is particularly tight, I'll let you know it'll take longer.

Any additional information: If I'm going to beta chapters as they come out, rather than the whole fic at the end, I like to see a detailed outline so I can look for inconsistencies early on.


Oct. 14th, 2015 04:03 pm (UTC)
So SORRY!!!!
Oh crap!!! I just saw this was in Teenwolf beta *hangs-head!*

OK so forget the other unless you're interested in that, lol (sorry I really need to drink and finish my coffee before replying.

However if you're interested in beta'n my TW piece that I will be writing for the TW bigbang (obviously once my WC piece is done)

TW: it will be based off my pwp one-shot: Hale Pack. I liked Peter and wanted to see if I could redeem him sorta ;)

Anyhoo, it'll be Sterek and Scott/Peter. Peter is the alpha, but how he got to be the alpha is different than the canon. I'm still working on the details, but will say Kate is the major villain for this piece as she's been hunting down Derek to bring him back to Beacon Hills by using Peter. For the most part its in S1, but may weave in other characters like Isaac. It will also have slices of kink: spanking, dominance, mating, biting, knotting etc... Stiles and Scott are underage, but over 15

I posted Hale Pack on my journal and over on AO3 (if you're interested in reading it. Although I can't add this to the bigbang, when Peter mates with Scott. Once Peter does it helps him ground himself and fight the poison Kate's been giving him. So although its a pwp one-shot that starts non-con, they will have a good loving relationship, eventually ;)

Edited at 2015-10-14 04:27 pm (UTC)
Oct. 14th, 2015 11:58 pm (UTC)
Re: So SORRY!!!!
I'm going to reply to this as a PM. :)