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Title or Description: Not sure yet
Genre: humour, fluff, drama (nothing more graphic than kissing)
Relationships/Characters: Sterek, Ensemble Cast
Length or word count: approx 10k
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG (minimal - English is my first language, I just have a tendency to swtich tenses sometimes) and flow checks
Language (if other than English): NA
Short summary, preview, or details: Written for the Sterek Secret Santa exchange - I'm in bit of a time crunch - I need this baby posted by the 22nd December. The prompts used were: scheming/matchmaking friends and being stuck in a room for a long time. I'm not going for a PWP but it's not like there's any major plot either, it's just fluff and cliched rom-com stuff, feel good stuff. Just any help would be appreciated - my regular beta's having some personal problems and I can't ask this of her. I'm on my knees, please.  

Title/Description: Futuristic/Sci-fic/Fantasy Genre, rebellion, overthrowing government sorta plot.

Genre: Alternate Universe - Futuristic/Post Apocolyptic.
Relationships/Characters: Scott/Derek, but only PG-13 (Possibly Other minor pairings)
Length or word count: Minimum 15000
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, characterizations, speech styles, feedback in general. I want someone who would be willing to work with me as I write. Because this is for the long haul (approx two months), and if I screw up horribly somewhere in the middle I would like to know all about it sooner, than later. Also, I am really serious about this plot/story and it would help if the beta were as well.
Language (if other than English): Nope.
Short summary, preview, or details: It's a story set in the far future. It will contain soft science fiction, where there are two sects of people. Pro-singularity and anti-singularity. Scott's going to be in one side and Derek the other. There willl rebellion, fighting, hacking and a lot of mind nubbing technology.

Beta request

Hi, I need to find somebody who can check the grammar of this third part I've written. I don't need the beta to be a Stackson shipper. Just in case, there is no mpreg at all in this chapter. I'm mostly worried about the grammatical mistakes although of course, I welcome any kind of suggestion to improve it.

Title or Description: No Other Option
Genre: Drama, Romance
Relationships/Characters: Stiles/Jackson, Scott, Danny.
Length or word count: 13 pages in Word
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, flow, Ameripick
Language (if other than English):
Short summary: For my third part of "All I Saw You". It's a story where Jackson and Stiles have been married for five years when Stiles has a car accident which causes his amnesia.

Beta Request: Teen Wolf Fall Harvest

This is extremely last mintute beta request as my posting date is very close and the fic is almost done.

Title or Description: Untitled
Genre: Alternate Universe - Canon, Fluff, Romance
Relationships/Characters: Scott/Allison, Stiles/Derek, Boyd/Erica
Length or word count: 4,400 currently, but it will be around 5k once I finish the last part.
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, plot, flow, characterization, feedback
Language (if other than English): Nope.
Short summary, preview, or details: I can't give away any details as the fest is anonymous, but feel free to send a PM or better yet an email on vivpiv19@gmail.com I will be eternally grateful if anyone has some free time to go over the story :)

Beta found :)

Beta Request: Teen Wolf Fall Harvest


I am looking for a beta for my submission for the Teen Wolf Fall Harvest. Submissions are due for October 31st and I am half way done (2000 words right now) with my fic. I am planning on powering through and finishing this weekend.

I know it is a little short notice but I will be eternally thankful to anyone who responds.

Thanks! :)

Title or Description: Untitled
Genre: Drama/fluff/ PWP possibly
Relationships/Characters: Sterek
Length or word count: Possibly 4k
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG and Ameripick
Language (if other than English):
Short summary, preview, or details: Its for the Teen Wolf Fall Harvest and is anon so I cannot give away details here. I can give you more details through a PM tho.

Beta Request: Teen Wolf Fall Harvest


I'm looking for a beta for my Teen Wolf Fall Harvest Story. Final drafts are due next week Oct. 31. I can't give too many details away right now since it's an anon fest. I have close to 8K done, which is about 70% of the story.

I just need a beta for SPAG and someone who could look over any plot holes or make sure the characters are behaving in character.


Beta/Cheerleader/Sounding Board Wanted

I have a Sterek story I started last year, decided it was horrible and just let it set unloved and unwanted for a year. I finally finished typing it up and would like to finish and post it. It's around 10,680 words and I still have a ways to go, probably at least a third left.

What I would like is someone to read it for viability. Does it actually work, what do I need to do to make it work if it doesn't, should I continue it at all.

It takes place about 10 years after the fire, but is definitely AU and first time Sterek. If anyone is interested, please let me know and we'll work something out.

Pre-reader/Cheerleader needed


I could do with a pre-reader/cheerleader for my rare pair fic? Its teen wolf, and a rare pair (its anon so can only tell you more over a message). It’s 2.5k now, and I’m guestimating it’ll end up between 5-8k.

Semi-graphic descriptions of violence, some canon compliance.

I'll also need a beta at somepoint, but at the moment need someone to reassure me my ideas aren't awful/tell me if they are so I can get it right :)

Beta Request: Mating_Games Entries

Title or Description: There are four different fics that are currently untitled.
Genre: All are generally pwp with some humor and/or drama

Cora Solo featuring Derek/Readers Choice

Length or word count: All four fics are 1k words or less.
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG and flow.
Short summary, preview, or details:

1 Mate!fic with scenting (M)
1 Mate!fic with coerced marriage and sex pollen tropes (E)
1 Age Reversal AU (M)
1 Auditory Voyuerism fic with incestuous overtones (E)

If there is anything else you need to know please let me know.
As always looking for a beta (or just anyone who might be able to look over roughly 7k every two week at least for SpaG) for Always an Alpha, a very longish, plotty story mainly focusing on Pydia and some rather large problems from the Nemeton ritual (it is Season 3A AU).

Details for Always an AlphaCollapse )

Finished stories that I still would like to get beta readCollapse )

As always I'd be really grateful for help, I notice a temporary improvement whenever I have a beta who points out even a moderate amount of stuff, but I'm usually on my own again, so it doesn't go anyway as I keep being stuck reading my old stuff and you just soak in your old mistakes again.

I don't mind polite little help, especially if that gets my SpaG in order. I never fault anyone for being super shy and feeling uncomfortable with saying too much, I'll do my best as a writer to make you feel welcome to say stuff and point out my failures. I'm just grateful for the help, I really am.

HOWEVER, if you're a vicious editor who loves leaving gdocs in the virtual equivalent of a page full of red ink, I'm your girl. You can't point out too much, I'd be happy to hear were I'm too detailed or need to go into things more. I don't mind being shown a version of sentence that flows better but a 'reword this sentence it sucks' or 'this isn't clear' I just do it and worst ask for clarification if I can't figure out what needs to be done.